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Genre: Ambient

A live performance captured with a minumum of engineering and recorded in vivid, spectacular sound. Those expecting another Novus Magnificat or Aeterna need to open their ears to other vistas they may never have suspected existed. But in the lens of Demby's all-encompassing Camera Obscura, Attunement ranges from the raw, sensual cries of the Demby Earth Mother to the Bachian passages of organ and chorus. The textures are constantly changing, like the colors and fragrances of a secret garden. You round another corner and are greeted with an even more beautiful blossom than before....such is the power of Attunement.

  • Bringing Down the Silence 14:42
  • Strings of My Heart 6:52
  • Out of the Mist 3:30
  • Eyes in the Mirror 4:37
  • Fathoms (Space Bass) 8:47
  • Deep Mother 9:02
  • Gabriels Dragon 5:36
  • Absolution 8:02
  • The Light of All 6:11
  • Ringing in the New 2:36

Gesamtspieldauer: 01:09:55 min

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EAN/ISBN/UPC: 0015882007122
Veröffentlichung: 01.03.2004
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