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Meditation clocks, meditation timers and zen alarm clocks - the best offer you can find
Koshi chimes, Zaphir chimes and more chimes
Tibetan singing bowls, Peter Hess therapy bowls and much more
Here you will find everything for your meditation & yoga practice: meditation cushions, meditation benches, beautiful mala necklaces, yoga mats.
Gongs, Kalimbas, Monochords, Shrutiboxes & more
Japanese incense sticks from Nippon Kodo - Fine fragrances from the masters of incense.
Wellness with precious stones & copper water bottles, create ambience with Buddha statues + Asian-style lamps + wall decor + candle holders
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Ongnamo - Life in harmony

What would your life look like if you were completely healthy and in harmony with yourself despite the increasingly high daily demands? Imagine you are relaxed and happy and enjoy life.

This is exactly what you can achieve if you surround yourself with pleasant sounds every day and take some time for yourself every day. Discover for yourself how you can stay relaxed with beautiful sounds and meditation - and live healthy and happy despite the increasing pressure.

Sounds can release blockages, trigger well-being and even make you happy. Meditation can help to find peace and relaxation, to live in the here and now and to stay healthy. Try it out!

  • Wake up in the morning with the beautiful gong of a singing bowl
  • Surround yourself with the angelic sounds of the Zaphir and Koshi chimes
  • Bring relaxing or exhilirant music into your life
  • Treat yourself to a soothing Singing Bowls massage
  • Accompany your meditation with soft sounds, a good meditation bench or a special meditation timer
  • Create the right ambience with Christian or Buddhist statues

With us you are exactly right, if you love beautiful sounds and are looking for relaxation or meditation accessories.

Many of our products have been developed and lovingly handcrafted in Germany and are available exclusively from us:

Klangschalenuhr - von uns entwickelt und produziert Klangspielständer Tipi und Pisa - von uns entwickelt und produziert Klangspielständer Karussell - von uns entwickelt und produziert Meditationsbank - von uns entwickelt und produziert Geschenkverpackung für Zaphir-Klangspiele - von uns entwickelt und produziert

Your Purchasing Benefits

Versandkostenfreie Lieferung von CDs, Klangspielen und weiteren Produkten an deutsche Lieferadressen Exklusive Produkte - von uns für Sie entwickelt Klangproben helfen Ihnen bei der Kaufentscheidung Persönlicher Service: Telefonische Beratung Mo-Fr 9-17 Uhr

New products
Kayuragi Räucherkegel

Kayuragi Cones

15,40 € *
Schutzhülle für Klangschalen

Protection Pouch for Singing Bowls

starting from 7,90 € *
Felt coaster for singing bowls made of natural wool felt,...

Felt coaster for singing bowls

starting from 5,10 € *