Living in harmony

Living in harmony - our company motto does not only express the focus of our offer, namely music and sound. It also includes the awareness that only a life in harmony will keep you healthy and happy in long-term. Anyone can do something for this. For example, surround yourself with beautiful sounds or meditate daily. Sounds can release blockades, trigger well-being and make you happy. Meditation can help to find peace, relaxation and health. You will get the support for this from us. Give it a try!

Why you are right with Ongnamo Versand

  • You can choose from a wide range of beautiful singing bowls - for professionals and beginners
    With detailed product descriptions, many product photos and sound samples. Only singing bowls that we have personally selected or that we have had manufactured for us in India are included in our program. And we are convinced of their quality. Of course we also carry all singing bowls from Peter Hess.
  • You will find the best selection of meditation clocks here!
    From the silent timer with flashing signal to the best-selling meditation clock Enso Pearl and the singing bowl clock with a real singing bowl, you will find the right meditation timer for every requirement. Because the timer can often do more than the mobile phone. All timers come with a German user manual.
  • Products developed by us exclusively for you:
    - Stands and gift boxes for Zaphir and Koshi chimes
    - A singing bowl clock that wakes with the gong of a real singing bowl
    - Free ebook with tips on the popular Zaphir and Koshi chimes
  • You will get competent and personal advice
    Behind everything is the team from Ongnamo Versand. As a personal company with very committed employees we offer you competent advice for our products. We are also at your side if you have questions about the ordering process or if you feel unsure about ordering online. You can always call us during our office hours at 06257-969 40 88 - we will be happy to help you.

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Thomas Albrecht
Managing Director