Japanese table and floor lamps bring the sun of Asia into your home

Japanese table and floor lamps

Japanese lamps are characterized by clean lines and a harmonious design that conveys an ambience of calm and balance. All of our Japan lamps are made of high quality natural materials such as wood and rice paper, cotton or bamboo and are suitable for a natural and conscious lifestyle.

Semi-transparent rice paper, bamboo strips or light cotton fabric shield the light source and bathe the room in a warm light. Light or dark wood forms a beautiful color and material contrast to the bright surroundings.

In contrast to a floor lamp with shade, which directs its light mainly upwards or downwards, the lamps from Japan spread their brightness evenly in the room and provide a soft, atmospheric light. They are also flexible as floor and table lamps and enhance as a design object any room.

Matching the interior, there are the beautiful Japan lights in light and dark woods.