Baccha Singing Bowls

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Ideal for Beginners and for working with Children

These beautiful handmade singing bowls come from India. They get their typical look with the black underside and the gold rim by a simple and reduced surface treatment. This makes them relatively inexpensive, but also robust. At the same time they sound very beautiful.

This combination predestines them for playful use, e.g. with children, but also for meditation, fantasy journeys, room cleaning with sound or as a decorative object. That is why we have named these singing bowls "Baccha", the Hindi word for "child".


  • Robust and insensitive
  • Good sound
  • Low-cost
  • Ideal for playful sound experiences

3 Models available

  • Diameter: approx. 12 cm; weight: 300 - 375g

  • Diameter: approx. 12.5 cm; weight: 400 - 475g

  • Diameter: approx. 14.5 cm; weight: 525 - 625g

Sound of the Baccha Bowls

Baccha bowls sound qualitatively very good, even if they do not correspond to the quality of therapy singing bowls. They do not have to, because they are not intended for sound work. Their beautiful sound lies between singing bowl and gong.

Weight Diameter Height Sound sample
300 - 375 g approx. 12 cm approx. 4,5 cm
400 - 475 g approx. 12,5 cm approx. 5,5 cm
525 - 625 g approx. 14,5 cm approx. 6,5 cm

Sound samples are created with a leather clapper.

The sound samples can only convey the sound image of the singing bowls. The sound of a singing bowl depends on many factors like metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, used clapper etc. No singing bowl sounds exactly like another. A deviation of the sound of the sent singing bowl from the sound samples audible here is therefore not a defect.

Possible applications

Because of their robustness and at the same time good sound, the bowls are very well suited for playful sound experiences with children.

Other possible uses:

  • Introduction or ending of meditations
  • accompaniment of fantasy journeys
  • room cleansing through sound in Feng Shui
  • Authentic, beautiful decorative object


To this bowl we recommend as further accessories

  • Rubber ring GR100 for fixing the singing bowl
  • Mallet: The choice of mallet is crucial for a perfect sound. We recommend a leather mallet to strike the singing bowls.
  • Singing Bowl Cushion: A pad ensures the free spread of the sound and vibrations. On a hard pad the singing bowl would develop side noises. On the other hand, a pad that is too soft would cause the bowl to sink in and "swallow" the sound. Choose from large, small, thick and flat cushions.


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