Meditation pillow Basic & Classic

Meditation is easy and fun with the right pillow. The pillow should be the right height, practical, durable and made of natural materials - just like the meditation pillows from the "Basic & Classic" series.

Meditating with natural materials

Its cover is made of high quality cotton and the filling is made of buckwheat husks. The cover can be removed for washing with the practical zipper. The ticking also has a zipper which allows you to adjust the filling and thus the seat height and firmness.

Meditation cushion classic, practical, good

The yoga pillows are available in the classic colors blue, natural, orange, turquoise, red and black. They are very well sewn and of high quality. They are available in 3 different heights as well as in round or oval shape, each with a transport loop. So that you can fully concentrate on your meditation.

Upright, relaxed seat

Due to the firm filling you sit comfortably upright with your spine, so that the energy can flow properly during meditation. A relaxed sitting posture is a prerequisite for undisturbed contemplation, where you can let go completely and get involved with your inner self.

The cushions are right for you and your meditation practice if you

  • Set value on high quality
  • prefer natural materials
  • want to sit upright in a relaxed manner


The Basic & Classic series includes the following models:

  • Meditation cushion oval, 21 cm
  • Meditation cushion round, 14 cm
  • Meditation cushion round, 19 cm