Belly singing bowl 'Buddha Eye' - medium - premium quality

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A piece of Himalaya for your home

This singing bowl is made of a high-quality 3-metal alloy and was elaborately handcrafted by a Nepalese manufacturer. On the bottom of the bowl inside "Buddha's Eyes" can be seen, on the outside all around the 8 Buddhist symbols of luck. The bottom of the bowl outside is decorated with the protective symbol double Dorje.

This is what distinguishes a Buddha Eye singing bowl:

  • For decoration, meditation, mindfulness practice, sound massage.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship from Nepal
  • Even and balanced sound
  • Available in 2 different sizes

Highlight of the Buddha Eye singing bowl:

  • Extraordinary decoration with Buddhist symbols
  • Premium quality: Bronze instead of brass
Size Weight Diameter Sample
small ca. 400 g ca. 10,8 cm
medium ca. 650 g ca. 12,0 cm

Sound & Application

The Buddha Eye decoration on the bottom of the bowl represents the wisdom and omniscience of Buddha. These Wisdom Eyes, as they are also called, are ubiquitous in Nepal and can be found at every stupa. Buddhist symbols of good luck include, for example, the endless knot, which symbolizes harmony, favorable circumstances and long life, or the umbrella, which protects against harmful influences such as diseases or demons. The double dorje on the outer bottom of the bowl symbolizes the eternal.

The bowl sounds very clear and pleasant

It is very decorative and ideal for accompanying meditation, sound journeys or mindfulness exercises with children and adults.

Traditional production

Nepal is located in the famous Himalayan Mountains and has a long tradition of making singing bowls. The production takes place in small manufactories. The singing bowl Buddha Eye was not beaten as usual in sweaty forging work, but cast from metal and then milled from the piece of metal. This gives it a very smooth, even surface and a relatively thick bowl wall.
To finish it off, it was decorated on the inside with the famous Buddha Eye and on the outside with the Buddhist symbols of good luck.

Note: Even though the bowl looks great on our Dayasa Anand singing bowl clock, its bulbous shape means that it can only be recommended to a limited extent because the clapper does not reach the optimal striking point. No mallet is included in the delivery.
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