Buddha 'Meditation' 29 cm - bronze

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Buddha Of Infinite Light

The Amitabha Buddha is the most famous Buddha in Japan (known there as Amida) and China (known there as Amitofu). He is the Buddha of infinite light who resides in the Pure Land, where pure joy and happiness reign. It is said that whoever recites his name at the moment of death will be reborn in the Pure Land.

Buddha's Story

According to the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, he was a king who renounced his kingdom and became a monk named Dharmakara. After observing the suffering in the world, he took 48 vows. He promised not to attain enlightenment until he had liberated all living beings from suffering. He practiced for a long time before fulfilling all the vows. Now, as an enlightened Buddha, he can be asked for help in the afterlife on his path of life.

Samadhi mudra as a classical meditation gesture

This handcrafted and detailed art reproduction features the bronze Buddha in meditation pose and has been carefully produced to the highest standards. His hands form the classic meditation gesture of Samadhi Mudra. He is usually facing west. A stunning piece of art for any room!


Shipping weight: 4,20 kg
Color: Gold
Height: ca. 29 cm
Material: Polyresin
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