Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set Color-Frosted: 7 Singing Bowls

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All Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls in a Set - Color Frosted (440 Hz)

Crystal singing bowls are considered sound instruments of the New Age. Their sound resonates for a very long time, so that the positive energy can be felt in the entire environment.

The color frosted chakra singing bowls are made of highly pure quartz. Their sound is long-lasting and spherical. Their sound is created by gentle tapping or rubbing. The energy that is created can be felt in the entire environment.
The set consists of 7 crystal singing bowls:

  • Crown chakra tone B, violet, size 8''
  • brow chakra tone A, indigo blue, size 9''
  • throat chakra tone G, blue, size 10''
  • Heart chakra tone F, green, size 11''
  • Navel chakra tone E, yellow, size 12''
  • Sacral chakra tone D, orange, size 13''
  • Root chakra tone C, red, size 14''

(Sizes are specified by the manufacturer in inches. 1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Each crystal singing bowl comes with a silicone ring to prevent damage and ensure the best sound resonance. The set also includes a medium rod, a large rod, and a mallet.

Tuning: C, D, E, F, G, A, B / 440 Hz based on tone A-440 Hz
The manufacturer specifies a tolerance of 5 Hz. In our experience, the actual deviations are rather less than 1 Hz.


  • all 7 chakra crystal singing bowls in a set
  • inkl. 7 silicone rings, 2 crystal silicone rods, 1 crystal singing bowl mallet
  • color frosted
  • extremely long-lasting sound
  • Material: high purity quartz gemstone

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