Chakra Singing Bowl Set / Scale Singing Bowl Set

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Measured Singing Bowl Set for Chakra Work and for Musicians

The chakra or scale singing bowl sets consist of 7 measured singing bowls, each of which is tonally assigned to a chakra from root chakra to crown chakra. Musically, the singing bowl sets cover an octave: the small set reproduces the pitched octave c' to h', the larger set the small octave from c to b.
The bowls in our sets are perfectly tuned to each other in terms of sound. For this purpose, the main frequency in which each bowl vibrates was determined by an experienced musician. The composition of the singing bowls in the sets requires a lot of know-how and a large selection of high-quality bowls for an optimal and harmonious sound experience.

We are asked from time to time why the sets are more expensive than the sum of the individual singing bowls. The reason is that with these singing bowls the price is determined by the weight and we tend to use those with a lower weight for the individual singing bowls. That is, the set is heavier than the individual singing bowls together. In addition, putting together the right singing bowls to make a set takes a lot of time.

This is what distinguishes the chakra singing bowl sets or scale singing bowl sets:

  • 7 measured singing bowls, each of which is tonally assigned to one of the 7 chakras
  • Sonically, the sets span an octave
  • Measured and compiled by an experienced musician
  • Ideal for sound massage, chakra work and as a musical instrument

The singing bowl set is right for you if you want to

  • strengthen chakras specifically
  • offer sound massages
  • as a musician need to use high quality scale singing bowls

Sound samples

Please select the size of a set above. Then the matching sound samples will be shown. Note that the sound samples only exemplify the sound and the sounds may differ slightly despite identical basic tone.

Recommendation for use in sound massage:

If, as part of a holistic sound massage, work is also to be done in the lower regions of the body, we recommend the larger set, which due to its size naturally has more sound volume and is more powerful. For more information click here: Chakra Singing Bowls

The singing bowls are measured by an experienced musician. Their deviation from the specified keynote is a maximum of 1.5%. The appearance of the singing bowls may differ from the picture, because it takes many singing bowls and measurements to find a singing bowl with this fundamental.


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