Chakra Singing Bowls / Scale Singing Bowls

Chakra Singing Bowls / Scale Singing Bowls

There are 7 chakras: Root chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Forehead chakra and Crown chakra. Chakras are subtle energy centers on the front and back of the human body that are not visible externally. With the appropriate chakra singing bowl, one can activate the respective chakra and, if necessary, release blockages or harmonize the energy there.

Singing bowls and chakra

Each chakra vibrates on a certain frequency and corresponds to a tone of the major scale. For example, the root chakra is assigned to the keynote C and the crown chakra to the tone B. Singing bowls that have the same tone as the respective chakra can be effective as a chakra bowl. To determine the tone of the singing bowl, each individual singing bowl is measured.
In general, larger bowls tend to sound lower and address lower chakras, while smaller bowls with their usually higher sounds go into reaction with the upper chakras.

The tone of the singing bowls can also be influenced by the mallet. So you can address different chakras with one bowl by using different hard mallets.

The sound of a singing bowl does not consist of only one tone, i.e. one frequency, but is composed of a complex frequency spectrum. When we speak of "tones" here, we mean the dominant fundamental tones that stand out from the frequency spectrum.

Which chakra bowl suits me?

Either you choose an area you want to strengthen or a blockage you want to remove.

For the strengthening of assertiveness, for example, the root chakra bowl is the right choice. Existing blockages in this area such as lack of self-confidence or fears are also addressed at the same time. If, on the other hand, one feels, for example, out of touch and bitter, the choice should fall on the heart chakra bowl. Its frequency addresses these blockages. At the same time, the assigned qualities such as love and harmony are strengthened.

An overview of the chakras with meaning and possible blockages can be found in the table below.

Application of the chakra singing bowls

The singing bowls are placed on the appropriate chakra and struck: The heart chakra bowl, for example, is placed on the heart area. Alternatively, the singing bowl can also be struck in the aura.

Either you strike the singing bowls yourself or you ask a partner to strike the chakra singing bowls for you.

Chakra tone meaning block
root chakra C Grounding, assertiveness, vitality  Anxiety, depression, temper tantrums, lack of self-confidence
sacral chakra D Partnership, sexuality, lust, sensuality, fullness, joy of life Guilt, worry, sexual dysfunction, joylessness
navel chakra E Self-worth, balance, decision-making ability, inner independence  Emotional fluctuations, power issues, control issues, decision-making weakness, dependencies
heart chakra F Love, compassion, harmony, warmth of heart, reconciliation, peace, kindness, healing  Lovelessness, coldness, lack of contact, prejudice, resentment, bitterness, strife, grief
throat chakra G Expressiveness, creativity, ease of learning, implementation of ideas, clear communication, friendliness, openness  Shyness, talkativeness, lack of drive, permanent Fatigue, inner restlessness, forgetfulness, lack of ideas
brow chakra A Knowledge, wisdom, insight, intuition, confidence, awareness, imagination  Overload, lack of focus, fear of loss, overemphasis on the mind, feeling of insignificance
crown chakra H Spirituality, stillness, meaning of life, perfection, peace Aimlessness, despair, stress, fear of illness and death, sense of futility