Woodstock Chimes for Home and Garden

Klangspiele für Haus und Garten

Hang a chime in your garden and let its gentle sound take you to a state of complete relaxation. Just a light breeze of wind will elicit the most beautiful sounds from our sound games. Let yourself be enchanted by the music of the wind. Let the sounds play with the wind.

The special thing about Woodstock Chimes

In 1979 the musician and instrument maker Garry Kvistad founded the company Woodstock Percussion to produce the best wind chimes in the world. He succeeded in doing so. To this day, he continues to design his high-quality, musically tuned Woodstock wind chimes and provides finely tuned melodies. His chimes are world famous for the precise musical mood and beauty of their sound. They are weatherproof and made with high quality materials. Even a light breeze is enough to lure out their melodies.

The ideal place for your wind chimes

To enjoy the beautiful sound of the wind chime, a light breeze is enough. If you want to hear the sound more often, you should hang it up where the wind can reach your sound chime from several sides. For example, an open corner of a building is ideal. Also try different heights, because the wind increases in height. In any case, avoid hanging your wind chime too close to a wall or plants, because the wind will be shielded from it. Also keep in mind that the wind varies according to the seasons. Hang your wind chimes in summer with less wind than in autumn and winter.

Which chimes for whom?

Basically, the length and diameter of the sound tube determines the height of the sound. The longer and wider the tube, the deeper the sound. So if you prefer deep, soothing sounds, you should get yourself a large sound-game with wide tubes. Small wind chimes with short, narrow sound tubes are ideal for those who like fine melodies in higher pitches.

If you want to strengthen your chakra, you should take a closer look at the Chakra wind chimes. Here the beautiful sounds are combined with the energy of the gems that are assigned to the 7 chakras.

Feng Shui and wind chimes

Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and describes thousands of years of knowledge about the effects of nature on us humans. In Feng Shui, sound is an important means of creating harmony with our environment and drawing strength from it. In ancient Asia, wind chimes with metal sound tubes were hung in front of the entrance door to prevent bad chi. Today, wind chimes in Feng Shui are used in our country to activate an area of life ("bagua") or to energize a room with their sound.

Tips for your wind chime

Basically every part of the Woodstock wind chime is weatherproof. Over time, however, these protective layers can be removed. To enjoy your Woodstock chime for many years, you should hang it up in a protected place without direct sunlight. In very bad weather or in winter you should hang it up indoors, e.g. in the winter garden. For optimal sound, the chimes should not be hung directly on the hook. They sound better if they can react more flexibly to the wind and are extended by a piece of string.

For a long life span it is recommended to clean the wind chimes regularly with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. The Woodstock wind chimes are designed to harmonize with each other. Experiment with several wind chimes and create your own personal sound environment.