Chinese Temple Bell

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Chinese temple bell with cushion and mallet

Chinese temple bells immediately impress with their noble appearance. The black beauty comes out especially well on a colored singing bowl cushion.

Temple bells sound most beautiful when struck with a padded mallet - rubbing with a clapper is less recommended and turns out difficult. Their warm, soft and bell-like sound is popular for meditation or therapeutic applications used.

Chinese temple bells are driven from the metal with hammer blows, not turned from a solid piece of metal. Their shell wall is relatively thin, becomes much thicker towards the edge of the shell and its edge slopes slightly inward. The matte black painted surface gives it a classy look.

Even though the temple bells bear the name "Chinese", they do not originate from there, but from the former Japanese colony of Taiwan. The name expresses a product genre, similar to Tibetan singing bowls.

This is what distinguishes the beautiful black shiny Chinese temple bell:

  • Pleasant warm, soft and bell-like sound.
  • Available in 12 different sizes.
  • Delivery with matching cushion in the colors red / yellow and mallet with rubberized striking area.
  • Favorable alternative to the Japanese singing bowl Tang
  • Ideal for accompanying meditation or for use for therapeutic purposes

Highlights of the Chinese Temple Bell:

  • Beautifully shiny black surface.
  • Effects especially impressive on a colored singing bowl cushion
Note: The Chinese Temple Bell is the same as the DAITOKUJI, but which comes with the more elaborate brocade cushion and leather mallet. In terms of sound, there is no difference here! 

Please note when selecting the size that the diameter is measured at the top of the bowl edge. Due to their bulbous shape and the height of the bowls, they seem much larger than the diameter would suggest.

Sound samples

Ø Sound Sample
9 cm
10 cm
12 cm
13 cm
15 cm*
18 cm
21 cm
24 cm
27 cm
31 cm
33 cm
36 cm
48 cm
*This singing bowl is shown
Other sizes available upon request.

Scope of delivery

  1. A cushion matching in size in the colors red/yellow, filled with kapok.
  2. a brown mallet with a rubberized striking area. For a softer, fuller sound, we highly recommend picking up a shapely, stylish red lacquer leather mallet with white leather.


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