Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

Our crystal singing bowls are made of matt glass. Inside they are completely smooth, while outside they are slightly rough and look as if they have been frozen. Their sound is characterised by a very high clarity and an intense sound volume. The clear sound can be heard far away in good acoustics and can resonate for a very long time. These singing bowls are used in many ways, are easy to play and therefore also suitable for beginners.

Difference to metal singing bowls

Compared to singing bowls made of metal, the glass singing bowls sound less grounded and physical. Their almost otherworldly sound is particularly beautiful in combination with chanting, e.g. with mantras. For sound massage, where the bowls are placed on the body, the bowls are less suitable, as their sound cannot unfold optimally through this. However, when used next to the body or in the aura, the bowls are very effective.

Areas of application

Crystal singing bowls with their clear tones are successfully used in therapy, meditation or as a musical instrument. Remarkable therapeutic successes are known, for example, from US doctor Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, who describes the combination of crystal singing bowls with various meditation methods such as mantra chanting in his book "The Healing Power of Sound". The bowls made of glass sound very well together with singing bowls made of metal.

Making crystal singing bowls

The matt white singing bowls are made of finest silicate and quartz crystal sand at temperatures of several thousand degrees. The melting process takes place in a cylindrical centrifuge from the inside to the outside, so that the bowls are mirror-smooth on the inside and have a rough, frosted surface on the outside. Decorations such as Om symbols or the flower of life are then applied by hand.

Effect of crystal singing bowls

According to legends, quartz crystals were already used for healing in ancient Atlantis and shamans of worldwide cultures counted them among their strongest power objects. Scientists have found that crystal emits a vibration that resonates with the human body in a unique way. This also applies to the frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls, which can produce powerful sound waves and harmonise dissonances.

Accessories for glass singing bowls

These bowls do not need singing bowl cushions, because these would hinder the optimal spreading of the sound. Otherwise, the bowl is rubbed or struck like a conventional singing bowl with a leather-covered clapper. To prevent the leather from staining the white bowl, the clapper should be light-coloured. As the bowls are very sensitive and fragile, they should always be placed on the silicone ring provided or on a soft surface.

Tips for further uses

With a candle on the bottom of the bowl, the crystal singing bowl spreads an atmospheric glow that comes from within. Ideal for the ambience in therapy or meditation sessions. The sound of the high-quality bowl also has its place in room cleaning and provides "good vibrations".