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Singing bowl

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Your singing bowl clock makes waking up a pleasure

Start your day relaxed and in a good mood with the gentle gong of a real singing bowl!

The singing bowl clock by Dayasa brings the rude awakening by the sharp sound of an alarm clock to an end. With the beautiful sound of a singing bowl, waking up becomes pure joy and gives you groove every day. You will see: This wellness-clock will change your life. Once you tried it, you won't want to do without it ever again!

  • Pleasant sound of the singing bowl
  • Multifunctional for waking up, meditation, yoga, reiki, feng shui and many more
  • Many functions like alarm, an hourly gong, countdown, snooze, illuminated display 
  • Easy to use thanks to the touch-display
  • Handcrafted quality & sustainability

Realxing, overtone-rich sounds

  • The vibration of singing bowls is good for us and has a positive effect on our wellbeing. The sound of the Dayasa is produced completely naturally by a clapper striking the bowl. You can choose the bowl according to your taste - even your own. 

You can find more information and sound samples of our singing bowls in the tab "Sounds".

Numerous applications for your Dayasa

  • Wake up pleasantly
  • Accompany meditations, yoga sessions, reiki and wellness treatment
  • Feng shui for your room
  • Experience time conciously
  • Sound massage with the singing bowl
  • Beautiful and useful home accessoire 

You can find more information in the tab "Application".

Easy to use with innovative technology

  • The clock can be intuitively operated through the touchscreen on the display. You can set the time and all functions by simply touching the display. That is not only very easy, but also fun!

Handcrafted quality & sustainability

  • Unique and Made in Germany - carved out of a single piece of beech wood. No glued edges, no veneer - just pure wood.
  • Short transport routes and domestic woods that are cultivated in a sustainable way protects the environment and climate.


  • Time in a 24-hour format
  • Alarm: choose between different sound sequences: simple gong, double, triple, with increasing volume
  • To wake up naturally, you can choose the Fibonacci sequence with decreasing intervals
  • Snooze function to go back to sleep
  • Illuminated display: When you touch it, the display is illuminated for 6 seconds brightly and for 4 more seconds a bit darker.
  • Hourly gong: Singing bowl sound at every full hour (can be turned off) 
  • Countdown: Can be set accurately to the second up to 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • Repeat: The set countdown can be repeated up to 99 times. Perfect for reiki and massages!
  • Memory: The settings for countdown and repeat are saved for the next time.
  • Volume: The intensity of the clapper can be adjusted in 10 levels.
  • Sound: The sound can also be adjusted by removing the provided rubber ring or by exchanging it with another one.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 13 cm
  • Weight: ca. 1,6 kg (without singing bowl, with batteries)
  • Works with 4 batteries of type "C" (Baby). The batteries are not included in the scope of delivery. Add them to your order here. (Information about disposal of used batteries)

You can find more information in the tab "Functions".

Shipping weight: 2,90 Kg
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Dayasa impresses with many functions


  • 24-hour-display. The numbers are big and easy to read, even without glasses.
  • Illumination: When you touch the display, it will light up for 6 seconds and then slightly dimmed for 4 more seconds. This way, you can see the time without turning on the light at night.
  • Intuitive operation through the touchscreen on the display. You can set the time and all functions simply by touching the display.


  • Actually, we don't find the word 'alarm' really suitable for this clock: The gentle sound of a singing bowl will wake you up softly.
  • You can choose between different sound sequences: simple gong, double, triple, 5 gongs with increasing volume or the Fibnoacci sequence.
  • If you don't turn off the alarm, it will enter the snooze mode: You can cosily stay in bed and close your eyes again, knowing that the gong will be repeated after 7 minutes.
  • Turn off the alarm by placing your finger on the display for 2 seconds.
  • The Fibonacci sequence supports your natural rhythm of waking up: Starting with 620 seconds, the intervals between the gongs become shorter in relation of the golden ratio - a principle that can be found in nature frequently.


  • The countdown timer can be set accurately to the second up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. For the end signal, you can choose between simple gong, double, triple or five gongs with increasing volume.
  • The memory function saves your settings for the next time. This is very useful if, for example, your meditation sessions always have the same length.
  • The countdown can be repeated up to 99 times using the repeat function. At the end of each interval, there is one gong. For the end of the last countdown, you can choose between simple gong, double, triple or five gongs with increasing volume.

Hourly gong

  • The clock can mark every full hour with a simple gong. Though this function has gone a bit out of fashion, it still enables you to conciously notice one of the most precious goods in life - time. It also helps in harmonizing the room with Feng Shui.
  • An active alarm or countdown timer interrupts the hourly gong. Your sleep won't be disturbed by hourly gongs during the night..


Holen Sie sich den Klang, der Ihnen gefällt

  • Das Wichtigste an einer Klangschalen-Uhr ist ihr Klang. Da Klang etwas sehr Individuelles ist, können Sie für Ihre Dayasa den Klang genau so anpassen, wie er Ihnen am besten zusagt.
  • Der Klang der Dayasa entsteht, wenn der Klöppel die Klangschale anschlägt. Diese haben in Asien eine jahrhundertelange Tradition und werden nach überlieferten Verfahren von Familienbetrieben in Nepal, Indien oder Japan gefertigt.
  • Die obertonreichen Klänge der Klangschale wirken nachweislich entspannend und positiv auf Körper, Geist und Seele. Dieser aufbauende Effekt kann sich voll entfalten bei der Dayasa, da der Klang echt und technisch unverändert ist.

Wählen Sie Ihre persönliche Klangschale aus:

Jede Klangschale hat ihren eigenen Sound und Charakter. Zur Auswahl stehen für Sie Schalen edler Perfektion aus Japan oder hingebungsvoll über dem Feuer geschmiedete, schön verzierte Schalen aus Nepal oder Indien. Hören Sie sich unsere Klangproben an und entscheiden Sie sich für das Modell, das Ihnen am besten gefällt.

Sie haben eine eigene Klangschale und möchten diese verwenden? Auch das geht, wenn der Außenrand Ihrer Klangschale im Durchmesser zwischen 10,5 und max. 12,0 cm liegt und die Schale nicht höher als 6,6 cm ist.

 mit Gummiring
  ohne Gummiring
Orissa gold
Orissa schwarz
Orissa antik
Shomyo, 107 mm
Zen, 108 mm
Zen schwarz, 108 mm
Nara, 108 mm

Anmerkung: Der Klang ohne Gummiring ist in Natura kräftiger, als es die Klangproben wiedergeben!

Haben Sie sich für eine Klangschale entschieden, so können Sie wählen, ob der Anschlag mit oder ohne Gummiring erfolgen soll. Mit dem Ring ist der Klang weicher und dunkler, ohne den Ring ist er klar und hell. Und schließlich können Sie die Anschlagstärke über das Display in 10 Stufen einstellen. Hier ein Beispiel mit 3 verschiedenen Lautstärken: lautsprecher.jpg

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl weiterer Klangschalen aus unserem Sortiment, die Sie mit der ANAND kombinieren können. Zur Bestellung legen Sie einfach nacheinander die Uhr ohne Klangschale sowie die gewünschte Klangschale in den Warenkorb.

 mit Gummiring
  ohne Gummiring
Dharma, 107 mm
Zen, 120 mm
Shomyo, 120 mm
Nara, 120 mm
Tibetische Klangschale mit Om-Gravur
Klangschale Kathmandu - klein
Nada Yoga
bauchige Kopfschale von Peter Hess

Hinweis: Bei kleineren Klangschalen ist es möglich, dass die Klangschale erst ab Stufe 3 oder 4 angschlagen wird, weil die Schale relativ weit vom Klöppel entfernt steht. Umgekehrt kann es bei größeren Schalen ab 11,5 cm sein, dass bei den letzten Stufen die Lautstärke nicht mehr zunimmt.


Your singing bowl clock is versatile

A Dayasa is more than just a clock. It not only provides a relaxed start into the new day, it can also accompany and end meditations in style. The decorative design graces every room. It brings Feng Shui harmony and a touch of eastern wisdom into your life - you can both see and hear it.


At the set time, the clapper strikes the singing bowl gently but easily audible. Adjust the gong as you like it! You can:
  • change th volume,
  • choose between the dampened strike with a rubber ring and the clear strike without it,
  • decide upon the number of gongs or 
  • wake up with the famous Fibonacci sequence. Its sound sequence matches our natural rhythm of waking up and is therefore percieved as very harmonic and pleasant.

Meditation & Yoga 

Singing bowls have always played an important role in the practice of meditaion. Thanks to the countdown or the interval function, meditations and yoga exercises can be started, structured or ended gently and atmospherically. That makes a Dayasa the perfect companion for meditation and yoga, but also for reiki and wellness.


Meetings and conferences, too, can be accompnied and ended effectively with the countdown or the interval function of a Dayasa. Its sound focuses the attention and creates an atmorshere of harmony and creativity in every business environment.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, metal is one of the five elements and works best through sound. With the metal singing bowl, the clock is ideal for strengthening the element metal in your home and harmonise your rooms. At the same time, the sound keeps the room energetically clean because the singing bowl absorbs the negative chi and converts it into good chi.


The overtone-rich sounds of the singing bowl ensure well-being and have a positive effect on body, mind and soul. With the Dayasa, this effect can reach its full potential since the sound is real and not changed by technology. The singing bowls can be taken away from the clock and can also be used separately, for example for sound massages. 


The high-quality, timeless and beautiul design makes the Dayasa an eye-catcher in every room. Natural materials like the solid wood conveys value and sustainability. Every singing bowl is a valuable art object.

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual Dayasa

Instruction Manual Dayasa - german