Dr. Jörg Tacke: DVDs, books and audio books

Dr. Jörg TackeJörg Tacke has an impressive curriculum vitae to show, whose diverse stations gave him a wealth of experience. This is how he himself writes about his life:

"I have been searching for happiness all my life. Lived various professions and lifestyles. Entrepreneur, hopeful, husband, world sailor, wounded, Roman Catholic divorced, weeping, scientist, church leaver, expectant, craftsman, patchwork family man, lecturer, author, musician.

Conclusion: For me, happiness means admitting and accepting myself. If I experience this in myself, then I can also accept others as they are. Happiness for me is the attitude and experience of being connected with everything. To be connected and in contact with everything that makes up my life situation. To always find fresh opportunities to open up and transform myself. The greatest possible happiness for me now is to be able to pass this on.

Since 2009, Jörg Tage has been giving talks and leading weekend and vacation seminars in Germany, Spain and Austria on the holistic quantum healing and the happiness principle developed by him.


Solve your problems

Holistic Quantum Healing helps you to dissolve problems and suffering such as anxiety, depression, stress, physical ailments or beliefs such as "I'm not good enough", "It's all getting too much for me" or "How am I going to get through this difficult time?".
It helps you address issues, cope and open up to the future.

Illuminate your attitude toward issues that are important to you

With the attitude constellation (10-minute family constellation), you become aware of your unconscious attitude towards topics that occupy or burden you. Because only these you can change. It doesn't matter if it's about an interpersonal relationship (e.g. your life partner) or an attribute (e.g. your charisma) or something material like money. The attitude constellation makes you aware of your attitude and changes it at the same time.

Perceive your life from a different perspective and forge your personal happiness

At the seminar, we dedicate ourselves consciously and intensively to the essential building blocks of happiness and life, such as health, nutrition, love, relationships, illness and success in private and professional life, as well as money. You will get to know different new ways of looking at things, which will stimulate you to think in a sustainable way. We always take time for various awareness and relaxation exercises, so that you can reflect on the individual building blocks for you and transfer them to your situation.
Of course, Jörg is always there to help and advise you. The happiness principle will quickly become apparent to you and inspire you to rethink. With these insights and tools you will be able to successfully shape your life and your happiness according to your needs. This is how you become the captain of your life.