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Qi Gong & Tai Chi DVDs

Qi Gong

You can optimally support your Qi Gong training with a DVD from our range. Watch and learn new facets of this Chinese form of movement and meditation.

Qi Gong affects body and mind equally - with one of the appealing DVDs from our range, you can further develop your exercises and adapt them to specific needs. For example, you will find the Qi Gong DVD "Qigong of the Four Seasons for Winter". According to the seasons, the human body also goes through cycles. In winter, for example, the kidneys are particularly susceptible. The Qi Gong DVD according to Zheng Yi helps to prevent typical winter complaints, the exercises are tailored to this time of hiding and reflection. Of course, you will also find corresponding DVDs for summer, autumn and spring. All four discs are also available as a convenient set.

The Qi Gong DVD by Lee Holden in turn helps against pain and tension in the back and neck area. The US-American Lee Holden is internationally recognized as a meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher. The exercises on his DVD are simple but effective and balance routine movements and structural imbalance. Both often lead to muscle tension, which is often responsible for pain.

As you can see, the selection of qigong DVDs is extensive; here's your chance to explore the world of Qigong in all its fascinating facets.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art characterized by slow, flowing exercises. It not only promotes health, but also mental development and also serves as meditation.

To support your Tai Chi exercises, we recommend one of our DVDs. The advantage is, among other things, that you can practice and develop your exercises outside of a Tai Chi class.

The well-known Tai Chi master Frieder Anders, for example, shows with the DVD "The inner Taijiquan" how breath and movement are brought into harmony - for more serenity, vitality and strength. Based on the breath type theory Anders developed specific, easy to follow movement sequences. The Tai Chi DVD is suitable for both inhalers and exhalers (lunars and solars).

The "Tai Chi Chuan Meditation" DVD is subtitled "Meditation in Motion" and presents the Tai Chi Chuan short form in Yang style, including preparatory exercises. This DVD is also well suited for beginners, as the exercise sections can be practiced individually.

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