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Original-Interview in Englisch

In the series quantum medicine, recognized experts show us fascinating views of integrative medicine, biophysics and quantum physics. James Oschman Ph.D., a research scientist with an extensive background in biophysics and biology, is a recognized international speaker and author of the textbook Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis .
He developed a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the scientific basis underlying all healing therapies. Oschman describes many physical processes associated with healing. An image emerges of the physical body as a coherent, liquid crystalline system leading to the innovative concept of the living matrix.
His unique gift is the bringing together of contemporary knowledge in the field of biophysics and mind-body medicine with the nature of natural 'energy forces' active within the body. Follow this exciting interview about acupuncture, quantum biology, biomagnetic fields and electromagnetic pollution, epigenetics, the role of consciousness in healing and much more...

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Veröffentlichung: 2011