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Genre: Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for Memory & Magnetism is a one-hour yoga class that activates the pituitary gland, releases emotional blocks and expands the electromagnetic field. The exercises in this set help to increase circulation to the brain, release tension from areas of the body where trauma and emotional memories are held within, and expand the aura.

This yoga set is designed to build your memory and your mind`s ability to store and hold memories as you age. It also works to strengthen the brain, the mind, and your overall projection. The final kriya helps to expand your radiance and projection, making you a magnet for the blessings of this life.

Taught by Akasha with live music by Jai-Jagdeesh and her band. Join hundreds of yogis as you practice this incredible yoga set and be uplifted and inspired by the group energy no matter where you are.

This class can become part of your daily practice. Try it once or commit to a 40-day practice to strengthen your lymph system, tighten your abdominals, and detoxify your body.

Language: English
Publishing date: 20.05.2013
NTSC region: 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Run time: ca. one hour

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Veröffentlichung: 20.05.2013
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