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A Complete Course For Mind, Body and Spirit

A Complete Course For Mind, Body and Spirit
Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan! This Complete Program has four very effective and educational sections.
  • The first section is thirty-five minute Kundalini Yoga series that will help you to lighten up! It is clearing and releasing.
  • The second section has two self-nurturing and healing meditations. It includes a three minute breath meditation that will allow you to remain steady in the program and a beautiful and simple eleven minute meditation that will help you clear past events and reduce fear of the future.
  • The third section of this video is instruction in Yoga style walking and running techniques.
  • The fourth section of this video will give you valuable information for a healthy lifestyle.
Featured on this DVD:
  • A complete program that really helps with the mind/body challenges of weight loss.
  • All you need to start practicing Yoga and lose weight today in an easy and fun format.
  • Simple breath and nurturing meditations.
  • Gentle, safe and effective Kundalini Yoga that is appropriate for all levels.
  • Modifications for students with special conditions.
  • Uplifting and healing Mantra/Music.
  • Healthy Lifestyle information.
Quality instruction from a university level instructor.

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