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To Heal Yourself And Your Relationships

This home practice DVD is the second in a series that features the inspired teachings of Max Strom. Max takes you through his signature "Learn to Breathe" workshop which he teaches to sold out classes in the US, Europe and Asia.

Practical and easy to understand, this DVD is suitable for people of all ages, gender, nationality and religions, from athletes to those in wheelchairs. No prior background in yoga is needed to receive the full benefits.

With the "Learn to Breathe" DVD you will learn breathing exercises and gentle movement that can lead to profound inner calm, enhanced energy and mental clarity. Other benefits may include an increased ability to overcome addictions, such as smoking.

DVD includes:

      • Discussion section: Max explains how the breath affects us in the context of our mind, our body, and especially our emotions.
      • Instruction section: Includes five complete practice options; special breathing excercises are offered wirh clear and safe directions. These can be done standing or sitting. For yoga practitioners, a special segment on yoga breathing is included.

Max Strom is known for his transformational classes and for inspiriring and impacting the lives of his students with soulful, gregarious nature, and profound integrity. Over 400 students a week come to learn his unique Vinyasa-style yoga which integrates Yoga, Chi Gong, and Movement therapy, and cultivates a feeling of deep inner peace.
Max Strom is the founder and director of Sacred Movement Yoga in Los Angeles, now merged with Exhale Mind/Body/Spa. He is a meber of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Trailer zu der DVD "Yoga del Mar - Power Yoga II" von Ursula Karven (Quelle: You Tube)

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