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Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound

Nada Yoga plays an important part in Sampoorna Yoga. Now for the first time this ancient mystic science of Nada Yoga is offered on DVD. Nada Yoga has its roots in the Vedas and ist the science of Divine vibration, as revealed to the Mystics, Saints and Yogis who have used it to reach Self-Realization, the experience of Oneness with Brahman, the Supreme Consciousness.
Nada Yoga involves a tuning into subtler vibrations, one's internal music and sounds, until ultimately, one reaches a state where there is absolute silence and peace, returning to the source of creation, to God. This state is attainable by an individual who has reached a high level of purification through his Sadhana.
Yogi Hari's style of teaching is called "Sampoorna Yoga" which harmonizes all aspects of the human personalitiy. Nada Yoga is an integral part of this teaching.
    • Introduction to Nada Yoga.
    • Pranayama (breathing exercises) to wake-up 'prana' (the life force) and develop concentration and breath control.
    • Learn to play the Harmonium (a key board instrument) to develop awareness of the natural notes of the music scale.
    • Exercises to develop rhythm, balance, voice & breath control.
    • Alankaars, practice sessions in the natural scale with timing.
    • Experience how this system helps to develop concentration and peace of mind that leads to meditation.
Beginners and advanced.
Yogi Hari is an experienced yoga master who has practiced and taught yoga since the age of 23. He presently resides in Miramar, Florida at his Ashram where he teaches all aspects of Yoga.

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