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This 2-hour session leads to deeper understanding of the limitless science of Hatha Yoga for perfect health and well being. This Video provides the challenge to keep progressing.
By developing a focused and disciplined mind, the boundless benefits of Hatha Yoga and the infinite nature of the Self will begin to unfold.
Great emphasis is placed on pranayama to achieve more subtle levels of purification in body and mind. Experiencing the prana will take you to a new level of inner awareness. The asanas inspire you to strive for continuous refinement and harmony in your body and personality.
"If you are lokking for the essence of a Hatha Yoga practice on tape, look no further." - Yoga International
Yogi Hari is an experienced yoga master who has practiced and taught yoga since the age of 23. He presently resides in Miramar, Florida at his Ashram where he teaches all aspects of Yoga.

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