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For Radiant Health & Well Being!

This Beginners DVD & Video 'Yoga at Home with Yogi Hari', is a complete session of a well-blended yoga formula to yield all the benefits of health and well being. The instructions are easy to follow. Yogi Hari's voice and demonstration are a real inspiration to the practitioner.
'Yoga at Home with Yogi Hari' is the perfect way to bring the benefits of yoga into your life. Whatever your condition, yoga will enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
The class contains breathing exercises, warming up and yoga postures. Everything is beautifully orchestrated to give maximum benefit. The body experiences stretch, balance and relaxation. At the end you will feel peaceful and centered.
"If you are lokking for the essence of a Hatha Yoga practice on tape, look no further." - Yoga International
Yogi Hari is an experienced yoga master who has practiced and taught yoga since the age of 23. He presently resides in Miramar, Florida at his Ashram where he teaches all aspects of Yoga.

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