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An adventure with your body and mind

Now that you have been practicing yoga with the Beginners and Intermediate Level 1 class for some time, you have developed proficiency and love for this discipline. You are now ready for the Intermediate Level 2 class.
Through regular practice, observing proper diet and maintaining a positive state of mind, you will enjoy radiant health and well being, and you will be better able to cope with daily stress.
It takes you on an adventure with your body and mind. You will be doing more pranayama (breathing) and asanas (postures) and experience a smooth flow from one asana to another.
This complete class is a natural transition from the Beginner's Class to a more challenging level.
"If you are lokking for the essence of a Hatha Yoga practice on tape, look no further." - Yoga International
Yogi Hari is an experienced yoga master who has practiced and taught yoga since the age of 23. He presently resides in Miramar, Florida at his Ashram where he teaches all aspects of Yoga.

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