Ergonomic meditation bench Bead Tree

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Meditate Upright and Ergonomic

The positive effects of meditation are now well known and well researched. Meditation is recognized as an effective remedy for stress and an important component of many therapies. For meditation practice, a meditation bench has proven itself.
This meditation bench made of sturdy cedrach tree is ergonomically shaped and suitable for prolonged sitting. The legs are fixed. The seat is tilted forward about 2 cm and thus supports the upright sitting posture. This promotes the flow of energy and deep, relaxing breathing.

The Zedrach Tree, also called Persian Lilac, Chinese Elder or Paternoster Tree, is a plant species of the Mahogany Family, which grows in the South / Southeast of Asia and Australia.

This distinguishes the meditation bench from Zedrach tree from:

  • Natural material - Cedrach Tree.
  • Inclined, ergonomically shaped seat for upright sitting.
  • A pleasant size of the seat: 42 x 19 cm
  • Seat height 16.5 cm in front, 18.5 cm behind

Note: A Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly.

This is how healthy regular meditation

Just in the time of increasing pressure on people, the positive effect of meditation is shown. There are now many research results that confirm this. So meditation helps to come to rest, to relax and is recommended for many diseases, such as depression, migraine, high blood pressure or diabetes. Even pain is better endured in deep relaxation, as research has shown.

Selecting criteria for your meditation bench

  1. Body size - the larger, the higher the bench should be.
  2. Size of the seat - depends on physique and preference.
  3. Material and color - according to personal taste.
  4. Features - foldable to take along, integrated carrying handles, height adjustment, etc.
  5. Comfort - padded or not, if necessary with overlay complementary.
  6. Bodily limitations - eg knee or back problems need special solutions.
  7. Price range - everything possible: from the cheap model to the sophisticated designer piece


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