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Feet Singing Bowl

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Feeling the presence of Buddha

Stand directly on Buddha's footprint, strike the bowl and enjoy the gentle vibrations in your body! This richly decorated singing bowl is a true work of art, showing a print of Buddha's feet in the centre of the inner bottom of the bowl. Buddha is thus always present. In the footprint, the Dharmachakra can be seen as a symbol for the Buddha's teaching.

The footprint is framed by several flowers of life, the 8 Buddhist lucky symbols and the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
The bowls sound deep, intense and long-lasting due to their size. Ideal for the yoga school, for sound experience with children, for sound massage or for the ultimate sound experience.

Highlights of the foot bowl

  • Very artistically decorated inside and outside singing bowl with Buddha's footprint, the 8 Buddhist symbols of luck and flower of life
  • Various sizes
  • Long lasting, deep sound
  • Ideal for sound massage, singing bowl therapy, yoga schools, work with children


    Weight Ø Height Sound sample
    8,16 kg 46 cm 17 cm
    8,2 kg 46,5 cm 17 cm
    9,0 kg 48 cm
    9,6 kg 51 cm 19,5 cm
    9,7 kg 51 cm 21 cm
    9,9 kg 51 cm 21 cm
    10,2 kg 52 cm 20 cm
    10,8 kg 54,5 cm 20 cm
    11,0 kg 53,5 cm 20 cm
    11,3 kg 57 cm 22 cm

    Size selection

    That the foot bowl can swing freely, the feet must only touch the bottom of the bowl. The more the toes come in contact with the area of the upright bowl wall, the stronger the damping of the sound. Therefore, the choice of the shell size depends especially on the shoe or foot size.

    The following table provides an orientation:
    • till shoe size 38 / 24,3 cm: Ø ca. 42 cm
    • till shoe size 40 / 25,6 cm: Ø ca. 45 cm
    • till shoe size 42 / 27,0 cm: Ø ca. 47 cm
    • till shoe size 44 / 28,3 cm: Ø ca. 50 cm
    • till shoe size 46 / 29,6 cm: Ø ca. 53 cm

    Why is the weight of the foot bowls indicated first and not the size?

    The weight of the singing bowls determines the price. The heavier a singing bowl is, the more complex and cost-intensive is the manufacturing. Whereby the costs do not increase linearly but progressively according to their manufacturing costs. That means, with increasing weight/size the production becomes more difficult and cost-intensive.


    A mallet is not included. We recommend special mallets with a long handle to allow comfortable striking without bending the upper body. See below.

Shipping weight: 9,50 Kg
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