Foot Singing Bowls

Foot Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have a proven relaxing effect. If this is true for a small or medium sized singing bowl, how relaxing is a giant singing bowl? This question arises when you look at the huge singing bowls you can stand in with your feet. They are therefore also called foot singing bowls.

Impressive sound

These XL singing bowls have a diameter of about 100 cm and weigh about 10 kg. The special feature is the tonal effect, which is very impressive and physically very noticeable due to the size of the singing bowl. The vibrations of the singing bowl spread throughout the whole body via the feet and legs and can be felt there immediately.

Stand in the foot singing bowl

All you have to do is stand in the foot bowl and strike it. There are extra large mallets for this purpose, with which you can strike the singing bowl while standing in the bowl. The sound is deep and lasting and the vibrations can be felt immediately. They can help to release blockages and tensions in the body.

Foot reflex zones and sound massage

Foot singing bowls are therefore often used as a supplement in sound massage or singing bowl therapy. Since the feet are directly in the bowl, the vibrations can act via the foot reflex zones and address the respective organs. The large singing bowls thus offer an excellent foot reflexology massage.

Children love foot singing bowls

The bowls are also very popular with children, because the immediate effect of sound can be experienced very clearly and playfully. The sound massage can help the children to relax and find peace. The bowls can therefore also be found in kindergarten or primary school.

Refreshing sound bath with XL singing bowl

An interesting variation and amplification of the sound massage is obtained by filling the foot singing bowl with water and then putting your feet into it. If you strike the bowl, a small refreshing water fountain is sprayed up and the water intensifies the sound vibrations and thus the sound massage.

Manufacturing and origin of the singing bowls

Our foot singing bowls come from India, where they are forged by hand in many hours. The craftsmanship requires great skill to produce a beautiful bowl with or without decoration. The elaborate decoration is always applied at the end of the manufacturing process. Usually the foot singing bowls are available in different sizes.

Decoration element for a relaxing atmosphere

The large singing bowls are very decorative. The decoration is made especially for us and ranges from chakra motifs to Buddhist lucky symbols and the popular flower of life. The foot singing bowls look good in yoga studios, wellness and spa areas and anywhere where a relaxing atmosphere is to be created.

Accessories for the foot bowl

In order for the giant singing bowl to stand firmly and develop its sound fully, it should be placed on a flat, firm base. This could be a carpet or a suitable large singing bowl cushion. And a large singing bowl requires a large mallet with a relatively soft head for a pleasant sound. You can find the matching mallets here.

What to consider when buying

If you want to buy a foot sound bowl, you should consider 3 points:

  1. Correct size of the singing bowl: This means that the feet can stand freely and relaxed in it without hitting the edge curvature. For this, one can measure the feet or simply take the shoe size as a measure (see table).
  2. Choose the right mallet: It should have a sufficiently long handle so that you can easily hit the shell while standing in it. Suitable mallets for the giant singing bowls can be found here.
  3. Choose the right location: As the bowl is very heavy, it should have a fixed place and not have to be moved around constantly. Therefore it has to be clarified if there is a suitable place or if it could be moved easily.

The following table serves as an orientation for the choice of size:

  • up to shoe size 38 / 24,3 cm: Ø ca. 42 cm, weight: ca. 8 kg
  • up to shoe size 40 / 25,6 cm: Ø ca. 45 cm, weight: ca. 9 kg
  • up to shoe size 42 / 27,0 cm: Ø ca. 47 cm, weight: ca. 10 kg
  • up to shoe size 44 / 28,3 cm: Ø ca. 50 cm, weight: ca. 11 kg
  • up to shoe size 46 / 29,6 cm: Ø ca. 53 cm, weight: ca. 12 kg