Gong 'Flower of life' - 61 cm 61 cm

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Hand hammered masterpiece from Germany

This hand made in Germany gong has an exceedingly high sound quality. The sound is perceived as warm and soothing. The exact fine tuning of the gong is created by an elaborate hand hammering.

An eye-catcher in the center of the gong is the symbol of the 'flower of life'. It is considered sign of cosmic order and embodies the harmonious measure of the earth. In this context, the 19 circles are interpreted both as the cycle of life and a common further development.


  • Handmade by trained gong makers in Germany 
  • Consists of Nickel silver.
  • Exact fine tuning by hand hammering.
  • Symbol 'Flower of Life'
  • Includes: Gong handle for carrying the gong, cover and gloves

Sound Samples

Diameter Sound Sample
61 cm
91 cm


  • Weight: 4 kg / 11 kg
  • Diameter: 61 cm / 91 cm
  • Material: Nickel silver
  • Frequency: 128 Hz / C3 (61cm)  - 64 Hz / C2 (91cm)

Nickel silver is the name for a copper-nickel-zinc alloy with high corrosion resistance, strength and silver-like appearance. Nickel silver is used especially for tableware (dinnerware, service cutlery and body ware), musical instruments (flute, trumpet, oboe), fittings and jewelry. Nickel silver is a silvery-white to yellow shiny alloy of 47-64 % copper, 10-25 % nickel, 15-42 % zinc, possibly with admixtures of other elements. It is characterized by greater hardness and corrosion resistance than copper because of the nickel content (Source: Wikipedia).

Recommended Mallet:

Gong mallet large

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