Waking up with the gong of a singing bowl

GongClock: Aufwachen mit dem Gong einer Klangschale

The GongClock is an alarm clock that wakes up with the gong of a singing bowl. It is not only special because of the wake-up signal, but also because of the unusual pyramid shape made of wood. Thanks to its handy size, the wooden alarm clock easily fits on a bedside table in the bedroom.

Relaxing effect of a singing bowl

Singing bowls have a proven relaxing effect and are ideal for a pleasant start to the day. The alarm signal of the GongClock is a very high quality sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, which is very close to a real singing bowl.

Important alarm functions

The GongClock offers all the functions that a good alarm clock needs: time, nice alarm signal, illuminated display, adjustable volume and snooze function. Furthermore, there is an interval function to set the time intervals between the gongs (every 15, 30 or 60 minutes).

Practical for the night: illuminated display

If you want to have a look at the time at night, you only have to touch the housing of the GongClock briefly - and the display will light up for a moment before it goes off again by itself. You can simply continue to sleep in peace.

Pyramid: Powerful FengShui shape

The striking pyramid shape of the GongClock is designed according to the perfect proportions of the Cheops pyramid. FengShui specialists consider this form a source of powerful energy, stability and balance.