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The ideal Timer for Reiki

  • Convenient flexible: Adjustment of total duration and intervals to the nearest minute
  • Perfect Reiki functions: The countdown function gently ends your Reiki session, the interval function signals the time of hand change.
  • Beautiful Sound: 4 different sounds to choose from, including singing bowl gong
  • Decorative: decorated with stylish Japanese Reiki characters

Adjust your time to the minute and choose from 4 different sounds

  • The Reiki-Timer Edition offers a lot of flexibility by setting the total duration and - if desired - the intervals to the minute. For example, you can set your session to 30 minutes and have a signal sound every 3 minutes.
  • You have 4 different sounds to choose from (see below)!

Finish your Reiki session gently with the countdown function

Set the desired duration with the +/- button before your meditation or session and press Start. 10 seconds later you will hear three sounds that indicate the beginning of your meditation and thus immediately create the right atmosphere for your exercise. After the selected time has elapsed, you will receive again a three-times signal.

Have the time of the hand change signaled with the interval function

  • With the interval function, an intermediate signal is generated after each interval during the total duration. In this way, you can individually signal the time for the hand change. You can completely let go of your thoughts about time and fully engage with the Reiki gift.
  • You can flexibly select an interval length between zero (no interval) and a maximum of 60 minutes.

Choose your favourite sound

Select between 4 different sounds: deep and middle singing bowl, cymbal and little bell. The volume is adjustable. 
The signal gets three times at the beginning and three times at the end, only once after one interval.

Deeper Gong
Middle Gong
Little Bell

Get ambience and energy from the Japanese Reiki sign

A stylish Reiki sign is branded on the wood. The term "Reiki" consists of the two Japanese words "Rei" (spirit, soul) and "Ki" (life energy).

Uncomplicated due to simple operation

The soft adjustment knobs and the display on the bottom of the GongTimer make it very easy to use. An instruction manual in English and other languages is included. You can download it in advance (click on the "User manual" tab at the top).
Control panel GongTimer

Application Practice

Originally designed for meditation, the Reiki Timer can be used for all occasions that require mindfulness and concentration for a certain duration, without being distracted by thoughts at the end of the session.

  • Meditation & Yoga: The gong initiates or gently ends the session or asana.
  • Therapy: Especially for therapists the Reiki Timer is a valuable help. The sound at the beginning of the session helps your clients to relax from the beginning and allows for more peace and presence while listening or treating.
  • Reiki: For forms of treatment that require a temporal division, such as Reiki, the interval function is ideal. The new section is introduced discreetly without disturbing the overall process.
  • Other uses: Meetings in the office, playtimes in kindergarten and any kind of therapy.
Note: A comparative overview of all meditation clocks can be found here.


gruenes-haekchen.jpg Countdown (total length of the session): adjustable to the minute, maximum total duration 199 min.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Intervals: adjustable to the minute. Maximum length of an interval 60 min, minimum 0 min (= no interval)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Material: Case made of solid maple wood. Plastic underside.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Size: The length of one pyramid side at the base is 13.5 cm, height 10.5 cm
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Signal: 4 sounds selectable; Volume adjustable in 10 steps
exclamation mark-mini.jpg Operating with 4 AA batteries (not included). Here to order.
exclamation mark-mini.jpg Operatable with Micro SD(HC) Card (not included). Here to order.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Manual in German, English and French
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Made in Germany


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User Manual


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