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Decorative Timer made from Maple Wood with branded Yin&Yang-Symbol and Singing Bowl Gong

What could be more natural than meditating with a singing bowl? The beautiful GongTimer in pyramid form accompanies your meditation, yoga class, wellness treatment or whatever you wish with the pleasant sound of a singing bowl. The GongTimer is lovingly handcrafted in Germany and combines perfectly the positive effect of the singing bowl with the noble look of real wood and a successful design. Ideal for a natural and conscious lifestyle!

  • Timer Function: Setting the total duration and intervals to the minute
  • Beautiful Sound: various sounds to choose from, including a singing bowl
  • Handicraft from Germany: handmade wooden pyramid 
  • Ideal for: Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation

Timeless Design & Naturalness

The case is shaped according to the perfect proportions of the Cheops pyramid, which Feng Shui specialists consider a source of powerful energy, stability and balance. The combination of the classic pyramid shape with real wood gives the timer a timeless, simple aesthetic and natural look.

The Yin&Yang symbol is burned into the wood with a branding iron and gives the GongTimer an additional individual character.

Wood is nature. Maple wood has a homogeneous structure. Only maple wood that comes from burls can show different drawings. As a result, no two GongTimers are alike and are always unique, as the product pictures impressively show. The perfect timer for individualists!

Handcrafted manufacturing art

The Symbol Edition is characterized by an individual symbol made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), which is handcrafted into the front of the pyramid. The respective symbols unfold their own effect when viewed and in meditative practice.

You can choose from the following symbols:

Merkaba: As a symbol of light, it has fascinated people for thousands of years. It is said to enable one to reach higher dimensions and understand the deeper layers of one's being.
Metratron's Cube: The energetic symbol represents the understanding of reality as a consequence of geometric laws. It combines science with spirituality.
Seed of Life: It forms the center of the Flower of Life. It consists of 7 circles that harmonize perfectly with each other in proportion and shape, forming a dynamic pattern. The seed symbolizes the beginning of all life. A seed eventually becomes a flower.
Flower of Life: The Flower of Life with its 19 circles is a powerful vibrational symbol that creates an absolutely harmonious, vibrational field. It harmonizes the energy fields in man and the relationship between man and the cosmos.
Smiley: The symbol of cheerfulness and positive attitude. A short look is enough to become aware of the beautiful sides in life.
Buddha: Especially in meditative practice, Buddha is the symbol of enlightenment and inner peace. Gather with Buddha in a meditation session.
Fibonacci: Fibonacci numbers can be observed over and over again in various natural events and environments. The Fibonacci sequence is based on an infinite sequence of numbers created by adding each of the two preceding numbers. A symbol that represents the natural events of nature and has also occupied a significant place in the human work of photography, architecture and art.


Technical Features & Beautiful Sounds

The decorative GongTimer offers everything you need for meditation or yoga: minute-by-minute setting of desired times, single countdown and a combination of countdown and interval with each other. For example, you can set your session to 25 minutes total length and sound a signal every 5 minutes. The start and end of the countdown are signaled by three sounds, the intervals by a single sound each.

For this purpose, you can choose from 4 different sounds: low and middle singing bowl, cymbal and little bell. The volume can be adjusted in 10 steps.

Deeper Gong
Middle Gong
Little Bell

Easy to Use

The operation is done via the display on the bottom of the GongTimer and is kept clear and simple. An English instruction manual is included. You can download it in advance (click on the "User manual" tab at the top).
Control Panel GongTimer

Application Practice

Originally designed for meditation, the GongTimer can be used for all occasions that require mindfulness and concentration for a certain duration, without being distracted by thoughts at the end of the session.

  • Meditation & Yoga: The gong initiates or gently ends the session or asana.
  • Therapy: Especially for therapists the GongTimer is a valuable help. The sound at the beginning of the session helps your clients to relax from the beginning and allows for more peace and presence while listening or treating.
  • Reiki: For forms of treatment that require a temporal division, such as Reiki, the interval function is ideal. The new section is introduced discreetly without disturbing the overall process.
  • Other uses: Meetings in the office, playtimes in kindergarten and any kind of therapy.
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gruenes-haekchen.jpg Countdown (total length of the session): adjustable to the minute, maximum total duration 199 min.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Intervals: adjustable to the minute. Maximum length of an interval 60 min, minimum 0 min (= no interval)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Material: Case made of solid maple wood. Plastic underside.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Size: The length of one pyramid side at the base is 13.5 cm, height 10.5 cm
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Signal: 4 sounds selectable; Volume adjustable in 10 steps
exclamation mark-mini.jpg Operating with 4 AA batteries (not included). Here to order.
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Manual in German, English and French
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Made in Germany


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