Meditation Timer made of natural Wood in the Shape of the Pyramid

The GongTimer is much more than a practical meditation timer. Besides its versatile functions and the beautiful singing bowl gong with its unusual and even pyramid shape, it offers something for the eye. The housing of the timer is made of natural domestic woods and is the result of traditional craftsmanship. The operating elements are invisible at first glance and are located on the bottom of the GongTimer.

Singing bowls, cymbals and Dorje as a selection of sounds

Singing bowls have a proven relaxing effect and are ideal for accompanying meditation, yoga practice or wellness treatments. The GongTimer offers a very high quality sound of Tibetan singing bowls. You can choose between a large and a small singing bowl, as well as dorje and cymbals. The GongTimer in the version with micro SD card even offers the possibility to play back your own recordings.

Powerful wooden FengShui form

The eye-catching pyramid shape of the GongTimer is designed according to the perfect proportions of the Cheops pyramid. FengShui specialists consider this form a source of powerful energy, stability and balance. All GongTimer are made of solid wood and are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. The natural material fits very well to the relaxing effect of the singing bowl. You can choose between the local woods maple, cherry and beech.

Ideal for Yoga, meditation and much more

The GongTimer with its handy size fits everywhere. It offers a countdown and interval function, which allows you to enter desired time intervals. It is ideal for all applications that need to end with a pleasant sound. This can be a meditation or yoga session, a work or therapy session or even a break. In the version with micro SD card, yoga music or meditation music can be used as a signal, for example

Reiki treatment with the Reiki-Timer

The Reiki Timer in pyramid shape is the only timer in the world that was created especially for this application. Its functions offer exactly the right time intervals for changing hands, which can be set to the minute. The meaning for Reiki is wonderfully emphasized by the Japanese Reiki sign on the wooden surface. This creates the right ambience in no time at all. The sound can be selected from low and medium singing bowls, cymbals and dorje. Also available with micro SD card, with which you can play your own sounds.

Mindfulness practice and MBSR with the mindfulness timer

The Mindfulness Timer was developed especially for mindfulness practice (e.g. MBSR). It is very flexible in its settings and accurate to the minute. You can choose between low and middle singing bowl, cymbal and bells. The gentle gong helps to stay present and conscious. A glance at the symbol of awakening reminds one again and again of the practice of mindfulness. In the version with micro SD card you can play your own sounds