Incense Sticks and Incense Accessories

Fragrances have a great;e effect on people. They can influence mood, awaken memories or even increase appetite. Incense has always been deliberately used in Asia to create suitable scented scenes. For example, the scent of lavender has a relaxing effect, for meditation fits the incense and stimulating is the citrus scent. These and of very much more scents in best quality offer the Japanese incense sticks of the Japanese traditional company Nippon Kodo, which you find with us.

Smoking in Japan - a very old tradition

Japan's tradition of incense sticks goes back over many centuries. If incense was initially reserved for the nobility, the incense ceremony was later adopted by the people. The production of incense has been refined over time. It is not for nothing that Japanese incense sticks are among the best in the world. Even in the present, incense plays a role in Japan. Thus, the smoke should keep away bad spirits and make the good spirits merciful.

Japanese incense sticks and their pure scents

The scents are very diverse. They range from plant scents such as lavender, lemon or cherry blossom to the scents of the elements of fire, earth, water and air to the popular incense. The fine fragrance spreads as soon as you open the package. Very popular are the almost 20 different fragrances of the series Morningstar, which are also available as Sample Set. By the way, in experiments it was found that smelling alternating scents helps the brain to stay fit.

Single packs, tasting sets, stock packs and gift sets

Japanese incense sticks are on sale in a variety of dosage forms. Whether small individual packages with 50 sticks, storage packs or big boxes with 400 and more incense sticks, trial sets to get to know new fragrances or beautifully packaged gift sets - the selection is diverse and makes you want the fragrance from Japan. The eye is also pleased: the packaging is beautifully designed in Japanese style throughout.

Holders for the incense sticks

So that you do not have to hold the incense sticks in your hand, special postures are practical. The stick is usually put into the holder at an angle. The fine ash, which is produced during burning, then falls immediately into the collection area below. Ceramic holders such as the Model Lotus in an elongated ship shape have the advantage of being easily and simply cleaned of ash. This smoking accessory is available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Stylish storage of incense sticks

Who has not bought a storage pack (big box), in which the fragrant sticks are waiting for their use, can store them stylishly in ornate wooden boxes. Very popular is the elongated pretty Dragon Box made of dark wood, in which many incense sticks fit.