Useful and beautiful Accessories for Incense Rituals

Incense Accessories

Who wants to hold his incense sticks in his hand for minutes while they burn? This job is done by special incense stick holders. They have a small, slanted hole in their base, into which the stick is inserted. It then stands at a slight angle so that the ash can fall directly onto the surface below. This keeps the table or shelf free of ash at all times. The incense stick can also be easily placed with the holder anywhere it is needed.

Ceramic or metal as incense stick holder

A simple and inexpensive holder for the incense sticks is a bowl with sand, in which you put the sticks. If you like it a little fancier and without sand, you have the choice with us between ceramic or metal holders. The ceramic holders are available in square and oval shape. Very successfully integrated into the design is the incense stick with the ship-like model Lotus, because the stick looks like a ship's mast.

Incense sticks including holder

Often, the incense sticks packages of Nippon Kodo contain small holders. The Morningstar series, for example, already contains a mini incense holder in addition to 50 sticks. Due to the small size, however, there is no catchment area for the ash. It is therefore recommended to get a separate holder that provides this function.