Japanes Incense Oedo-Koh Pine Tree- Big Box

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Oedo-Koh incense sticks with fresh pine scent

Enjoy the refreshing and spicy scent of pine tree. It brings back memories of ancient Edo, where pine trees lined the streets, guarding and protecting all who passed by.

At New Year in Japan, pine trees are decorated and a large pine tree is painted on the background of the Noh stage - all of which express the pine's association with good luck and longevity. In the ukiyo-e woodblock prints, the boldly depicted pine trees amidst the hectic people of the Edo period are a classic motif.

Oedo-Koh is a range of incense sticks produced in Japan by Nippon Kodo. It was inspired by the culture and ambience of the ancient city of Edo (now Tokyo). The fresh scent of pine tree can be used at any time of day and is best for relaxation - whether meditating, doing yoga or a wellness treatment.

Only wealthy people and the nobility used to use the scent of incense. Even among ordinary people, who may not have had access to real scented woods, the fascination for these woods was great and they are often depicted in works of Kabuki and Joruri theatre.

This is what distinguishes the OEDO-KOH incense sticks "Pine Tree":

  • Quality incense sticks from Nippon Kodo.
  • Fresh & pure scent of pine tree 
  • Decorative wooden box in luxurious Japanese carton
  • Sticks without bamboo core for low smoke burning
  • Incl. small metal holder
  • Burning time approx. 12 min


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