Japanese red lacquer mallet

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Japanese red lacquer mallet - various sizes

These Japanese mallets have turned in a classic shape with a red lacquered handle that is comfortable to hold. The striking piece is covered with white leather.
They are particularly suitable for playing Japanese Singing Bowls and Chinese temple bells, to which they are also an excellent match in terms of their appearance.

Note: These mallets are not suitable for rubbing Singing Bowls. For rubbing, you can either use the wooden mallet supplied with Japanese Singing Bowls or special rubbing mallets.

recommended for
Singing Bowls Ø
12.5 cm 60 to 90 mm
14.0 cm 90 to 110 mm
15.0 cm 110 to 130 mm
18.0 cm 130 to 150 mm
21.0 cm 150 to 170 mm
24.0 cm 170 to 200 mm
28.0 cm 200 to 230 mm
31.0 cm 230 to 260 mm
34.0 cm 260 to 290 mm
36.0 cm 290 to 310 mm
* other sizes up to 45 cm on request


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