Japanese Singing Bowl NARA

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Japanese Singing Bowl NARA Black with Cushion and Black Oak Mallet

The Japanese singing bowl NARA is one of the top models and is very extravagant in its exterior. Their mirror-smooth, anthracite-colored surface shines like a hematite and looks very noble.

It has a wonderfully soft, round sound that stands long in the room.

Singing bowls are still made in Japan according to old family tradition. The composition of the metals and the achievement of the high sound quality are secret. Typically, the sound is not left to chance, but each singing bowl sounds like the other! Japanese singing bowls are ideal for those who value the highest quality and long-lasting sound.

Tip: In sizes 108 and 120 mm, this singing bowl fits perfectly with our Singing Bowl Clock Dayasa, with which you can gently wake up in the morning.

This is what makes the beautiful Japanese Singing Bowl NARA stand out:

  • Beautifully even, mirror-smooth surface in noble anthracite.
  • Highest quality in sound and material, which is typical for the precision of Japanese singing bowls.
  • Delivery with elaborately crafted singing bowl cushion made of brocade and mallet made of oak wood
  • Long lasting wonderfully soft, round sound
  • Valuable handicrafts from Japan

Sound samples

Sound Sample Leather Clapper
Sound Sample Wooden Clapper
74 mm
83 mm
90 mm  
108 mm  
120 mm*  
138 mm
150 mm  
*This singing bowl is pictured


Scope of Supply:

  1. A size matching brocade pillow filled with kapok. These cushions are intricately crafted and are a great visual match for the Japanese singing bowls. When playing the bowl, they provide good support.
    If possible, we fulfill your color request, otherwise the selection is random and subject to availability.
  2. A small black wood mallet made of oak wood. This mallet is quite simple work and produces a hard, high and rather unpleasant sound for Western ears. We therefore recommend taking a beautifully shaped and stylish red-lacquer-leather mallet, which produces a somewhat softer sound (see sound sample). If you value a stylish look, then the original Japanese mallet made of fine black ebony is also an alternative.



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