Chakra Jewelry

The seven chakras are subtle energy vortices and an essential part of our energy system. They established the energetic connection to the environment, nature and the cosmos and have the task to absorb life energy and supply it to us. In each person, these chakras are pronounced differently. Wearing chakra jewelry can help harmonize or activate the energy centers.


How does jewelry affect the chakra?

Chakras respond to the colors or symbols assigned to them and can be activated or harmonized through them. The direct skin contact of the gemstone, pendant or bracelet intensifies the effect. For example, a red zirconia stone or a garnet in the jewelry pendant acts on the root chakra while blue stones such as aquamarine or turquoise address the throat chakra.

Symbolism of the chakras in design

The design of jewelry for chakras usually contains the typical symbol or color of the energy center, for example, as a colored zirconia stone. Real gemstones are also often taken, which are assigned to the respective chakra. The characteristic features of the 7 chakras:

  1. Root chakra: symbol: 4-petaled lotus, color: red.
  2. Abdominal chakra: symbol: 6-petaled lotus, color: orange
  3. Navel chakra: symbol: 10-petaled lotus, color: yellow
  4. Heart chakra: symbol: 12-petaled lotus, color: green, pink,
  5. Throat chakra: symbol: 16-petaled lotus, color: light blue
  6. Brow chakra: symbol: 96-petaled lotus, color: dark blue
  7. Crown chakra: symbol: 1000-petaled lotus, color: violet


Chakra jewelry with real stones, as bracelet or as set

Jewelry specially designed for the chakras is available in a wide range. Very beautiful are necklaces with pendants or bracelets with gemstones that are assigned to the chakra, for example, amethyst for the crown chakra or garnet for the root chakra. If you want to activate your chakra several times at once, wear a set, for example, a necklace with chakra pendant and as a gemstone bracelet.

Buy modern chakra jewelry

Harmonizing chakras can be perfectly combined with beautiful design. Just buy the jewelry matching the chakra or theme and wear it on your skin as often as possible. For example, those who dislike speaking freely can improve communication by regularly wearing a throat chakra pendant. A heart chakra pendant helps to open the heart and feel more compassion.


Examples of possible disharmonies of the 7 chakras:

  1. Root chakra: lack of basic trust.
  2. Abdominal chakra: Lack of zest for life
  3. Navel chakra: tension in the lower back
  4. Heart chakra: problems to show feelings
  5. Throat chakra: communication is difficult
  6. Brow chakra: top-heaviness
  7. Crown chakra: aimlessness