Necklaces and Jewelry Accessories

A pendant only really comes into its own with the right necklace. It should match the piece of jewelry and have the right length. Chains made of silver or gold are popular, also made of stainless steel or as an inexpensive rubber band. The choice of chain depends on the piece of jewelry and to which outfit and occasion it will be worn. It should also have a secure closure and be sturdy enough for the pendant.

Gold chain or silver chain - what goes with what?

Silver necklaces basically go with any pendant made of silver or with a silver eyelet. It is the same with a gold chain, which always go with gold pendants or jewelry with a gold eyelet. If you like it a little trendier, combine gold and silver with each other. In former times a no-go, today trendy. Those who like it easy to care for should go for rhodium-plated silver necklaces, which are protected from tarnishing by being coated with platinum metal.

The right length of a ladies necklace

The length should be adjusted to the neckline of the clothing or the jewelry style. The larger the neckline or the more casual the jewelry style, the longer the necklace should be. With 36 cm the chain lies directly on the neck, with 42 cm it is still close to the neck and with 45 cm it is already somewhat far from the neck. A chain length from 60 cm is ideal for casual wear over a sweater. Necklaces or chokers are basically close to the neck and are usually between 40 and 45 cm long.

Alternatives to silver or gold necklaces

Great alternatives are stainless steel chains or necklaces. They give the jewelry support, lie like a round hoop on the neck and also look elegant. Ideal for round or not so deep necklines. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, a black rubber band is a good choice. It goes with any jewelry pendant depending on the silver or gold clasp and provides a casual casual touch.

Cheap necklaces for ladies

To wear a pendant and present it beautifully, you don't have to spend a lot of money. There are inexpensive black rubber necklaces that are available for as little as a few dollars. Stainless steel chains or necklaces are also cheap or not necessarily more expensive than silver chains. The price of necklaces made of silver or gold depends on the silver or gold content, the diameter of the chain and the length.

Give jewelry beautifully as a gift

Often jewelry is a gift and needs a nice packaging. Very nice are small, beaded jewelry boxes, in which rings, pendants or necklaces find space and can be beautifully given away. Jewelry can be easily and quickly transformed into a pretty gift by an organza bag and does not cost much. Many pieces of jewelry also already come with a gift box.