Kalimba B11 - Melody - by Hokema

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For Well-Known Songs and Improvising

The Kalimba B11 "Melody" is carefully handcrafted from solid American cherry. The surfaces are treated with vegetable oils and waxes and polished. The eleven sound reeds are precisely tuned in the G major scale, allowing a variety of familiar songs to be played. Equally, however, the "Melody" is also suitable for improvisation and intuitive playing.

In the arrangement of the sound reeds, long and shorter reeds were mounted alternately for reasons of playing technique and sound. The six shorter reeds were bent so that their ends are higher than those of the long reeds, so that the thumbs can reach them easily. Beginning with the low notes, the five long tongues are plucked first, alternating from the center outward with both thumbs - the right thumb begins on tongue No. 6 - then the six short tongues, also from the center outward.

The eleven tongues are numbered from left to right. The even numbers 2,4,6,8,10 are the long, lower tones, the odd numbers are the shorter, bent tongues. In monophonic melodies, the left thumb operates tongues 1- 6 and the right thumb 6 -11.

  • G major diatonic
  • 11 notes: g , a , e , d , c , g , d , g , f sharp . h . a
  • Massive wood block made of American cherry

The kalimbas are available in 440 Hz and 432 Hz pitch. Since the 432 Hz kalimbas are ordered on demand, this results in a longer delivery time.

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Manufacturer: HOKEMA
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