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Playing well-known songs

The Kalimba B17, with its 17 reeds, is tuned exactly in the scale of C major. This offers many possibilities for playing well-known songs. In addition, the Kalimba B17 is also suitable for playing chords or for improvising and intuitive playing. The sound block is made of solid American cherry.

The vibrations of the sound tongues are well felt in the hands of this model. The subtle sound of the instrument is easily audible. The volume of the instrument can also be significantly increased by placing it on a suitable surface, such as a tabletop or the head of a drum.

Of course, the kalimba can also be placed on the body in the context of sound therapies in order to transmit specific vibrations to the body.

The Kalimba B17 is tuned in C major and always produces harmonic soundscapes. Since all the notes always match each other, even beginners will have a successful playing experience.


  • Solid body made of American cherry wood, 175 x 180 x 40 mm
  • Tuning ex works is F minor with the tones D - H - G - E - C - A - F - D - C - E - G - H - D - F - A - C - E
  • The tuning can be changed. We recommend the appropriate tuning iron for this purpose.

The kalimbas are available in 440 Hz and 432 Hz pitch. Since the 432 Hz kalimbas are ordered on demand, this results in a longer delivery time.

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Shipping weight: 0,90 kg
Dimensions: 175 x 180 x 40 mm
Manufacturer: Hokema
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