Kalimbas and Sansulas from HOKEMA

Zaphir Klangspiele | Koshi Klangspiele

Kalimbas are originally traditional African plucked instruments, often referred to as "thumb pianos." Small metal tongues of varying lengths are arranged on a sound box and are plucked with the thumbs. Due to their pentatonic tuning, the tongues played fit together quasi automatically, no matter in which order they are played. Thus even beginners and children can immediately produce beautiful tones and melodies and have from the beginning joy and motivation to make music.

The company HOKEMA manufactures since 1985 high-quality musical instruments in Walsrode (Lower Saxony).  It develops and produces there the Kalimbas and Sansulas. Sansulas belong to the family of Kalimbas and represent a further development from the house HOKEMA: Here, the metal tongues are attached to a membrane via a thin wooden plate, similar to a drum. Through this patented free-floating suspension the sounds get more volume and become softer.

Product Family Kalimbas and Sansulas by HOKEMA