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Tongue Drums

The Tongue Drum also known as tongue drum, hand drum or tank drum is an easy to play percussion instrument. The sounds are produced by vibration of steel tongues. Thus, the instrument produces sounds from itself and does not require strings, membranes or external resonators.

To play a tongue drum is no special technique required and you can start playing immediately. The number of "tongues" is equal to the number of notes the instrument can play.

Because of the ease of playing and their melodic sound, tongue drums have a balancing and relaxing effect - for both the musician and the listener.


A monochord is astringed instrument with several strings, but all tuned to the same note. These are played one after the other, so that a long lasting, soothing sound is created.

When one string is plucked, all the others resonate. Evenly stroked over the strings, a spherical sounding overtone carpet is created. The monochord is thus a very easy-to-play musical instrument.

Monochords can be used in vibroacoustic sound massage - placed on hands, feet, back, abdomen, or chest they lead to a gentle and deeply felt relaxation and sensory stimulation.
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