Koshi Chime Terra - Earth

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Relaxation with soothing well-being sounds

The high quality Koshi chimes are handmade in the French Pyrenees and are available in 4 sound melodies. Each melody has its own special magic and all harmonize perfectly with each other.

A Koshi chime is not just a simple wind chime, but an authentic musical instrument and the result of extremely careful craftsmanship. The surface is veneered wafer-thinly with oiled bamboo wood, which gives the Koshi chime a noble appearance and refines its sound even more.

As soon as the Koshi chime starts to vibrate, a small plate inside the sound cylinder gently touches eight rods of different lengths, which are welded in a circle with silver to the bottom of the sound cylinder. Precise tuning of the bars produces clear tones that are rich in overtones.

The Koshi tones will enchant you in these tones:

-Earth: G-C-E-F-G-C-E-G
-Water: A-D-F-G-A-D-F-A
-Air: A-C-E-A-B-C-E-B
-Fire: G-B-D-G-B-D-G-A

Beautiful to end a meditation, but also as a sonorous Feng Shui wind chime.

Sound Examples

Terra - Earth
Aqua - Water
Aria - Air
Ignis - Ignis

Tip: You can play several sound samples simultaneously and hear how beautifully harmonious they sound together.

You can't make up your mind? Order Koshi Chimes as a set at a lower price:


To play the sounds, hold the Koshi chime by its cord and gently move it back and forth or in a circle. A crystal-clear, relaxing sound makes us pause and invites us to dream. Suitable for the chime and ideal for hanging up indoors are our self-developed stands for Koshi chimes.

Koshi Chime with Stand 'Pisa'Koshi Chime with Stand 'Tipi'

As a gift we recommend our Koshi gift box:

Koshi giftbox


Question: Can I hang the chime outside?
Answer: Basically the chime should be used indoors. In our experience, the chimes can be hung outside if they are not exposed to direct moisture. However, we cannot guarantee that this will not cause any problems. Furthermore, like all wooden objects, the Koshi chimes should be treated regularly with a protective wood care product, e.g. teak oil.
Question: How many Hertz are the Koshi Chimes tuned to?
Answer: The Koshi Chimes are tuned to 440 Hz.


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Dimensions: 165 mm hoch, Durchmesser ca. 63 mm
Origin: Frankreich
Material: Bambusfurnier
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