Koshi & Zaphir chimes (formerly Shantis)

Zaphir Klangspiele | Koshi Klangspiele

The spherical melodies of the Koshi and Zaphir chimes are legendary and have been among our bestsellers for years. As high-quality musical instruments they spread their magic in house and garden and enrich every meditation or yoga class. Even with each other the chines sound very harmonious, because they are tuned to each other. The popularity of the chimes made in France is certainly due to their beautiful sound and the many different uses.

Koshi chimes

These chimes are available in the melodies of the 4 elements Terra (earth), Aria (air), Aqua (water) and Ignis (fire). Their tubular sound body is made of several thin layers of bamboo veneer. This natural material has been used in the past for the construction of musical instruments (e.g. the famous Asian bamboo flute). It is ideal for this purpose because bamboo is a very hard wood with high elasticity and lightness.

Zaphir chimes

The Zaphir chimes in the original Shanti design are available in a wide range of 20 colours. Thanks to the special marbling technique, all chimes are unique. An outer, water-repellent wax layer over the colour provides sufficient protection so that the shantis are also suitable for protected outdoor areas. The zaphir chimes are available in melodies of the 4 seasons and Sufi: Crystalide (spring), Sunray (summer), Sufi, Twilight (autumn) and Blue Moon (winter).

Accompaniment of meditations and calming of children & animals

The gentle sound of Koshi and Zaphir are ideal for accompanying meditation or relaxation exercises. They are an excellent alternative to the singing bowl. The delicate, angelic melody either gently tunes in to the silent phase or ends it. Small children love these gentle sounds. Even babies listen to them intensively and can be very well soothed by their sound. Chimes are therefore popular gifts for birth or baptism. Hanging over the cot or on the changing table, their beautiful melodies stimulate the brain and promote early childhood development.

It has been proven that sounds have a calming effect on animals. For example, cows give more milk with soft music, dogs bark less and cats relax faster. The gentle sounds have a particularly good effect on nervous or frightened animals.

Chimes in house and garden & high quality musical instrument

Every day a chime brings a piece of joy into house and garden with its beautiful sounds. Just a light breeze or a gentle tap is enough. As the chimes are not weatherproof, they should only be hung outside in summer and protected from rain.

Koshi and Zaphir are high-quality musical instruments that have been tuned to a specific tone sequence. Since no previous knowledge is required for playing them and they produce wonderful sounds at the same time, they are ideal for making music together in kindergarten or school. The simple play supports the children's joy of music. The coloured zaphir chimes are especially popular with children.

How the sound is created

The sound is produced by a vibrating clapper which touches bars of different lengths when the sound is moved. These are arranged in a sound-specific way in each model and produce a characteristic melody. The elongated shape of the sounding body is typical for the chime, which has very good sound characteristics.

The melodies and meaning of the Koshi chimes:

Aria - air - tone sequence A-C-E-A-B-C-E-B
Breath is life. At the same time, air can blow away what is harmful to the body and provide internal and external cleaning. The sound play Aria promotes mental clarity, lightness and communication, but also letting go and relaxation.

Aqua - Water - Sound sequence A-D-F-G-A-D-F-A
Water is life. We cannot be without water. It is a flowing energy that symbolises both the emotional and spiritual level. The sound play Aqua promotes the expression of feelings, empathy and adaptability.

Ignis - Fire - Sound sequence - G-B-D-G-D-G-A
The element fire is the energy that makes life colourful and exciting. Fire stands for light, heat, energy and vitality. The sound play Ignis strengthens creativity and vitality.

Terra - earth - tone sequence - G-C-E-F-G-C-E-G
The element earth refers to all solid materials such as stones, wood or metal and stands for stability and security, but also for fertility and growth. The sound play Terra supports endurance and patience, but also the sense of reality.

The melodies and meaning of the zaphir sounds:

CRYSTALIDE - spring - tone sequence G A B D A G B D
In Feng Shui, spring corresponds to the element wood. Nature begins to sprout and the first green appears. The assigned colours are therefore all shades of green and turquoise. The cardinal point is the east. The sound of a Crystalide promotes family health and prosperity.

SUNRAY - Summer - Sound sequence G#B C#E G#E A C#
Summer corresponds to the element of fire. In nature, intense light and expressive colours prevail. The colours assigned to them are therefore all strong colours, especially all shades of red and violet. The cardinal point for this season is the south. The sound of a sunray supports fame and prestige.

SUFI - late summer - tone sequence F A D F A G A D
Sufi corresponds to the element earth and stands for the transition between the two seasons summer and autumn - late summer. The heat and light intensity gradually diminishes and the colours become paler. The assigned colours are therefore all shades of yellow and orange. The cardinal points for this season are the northeast, southwest and the middle. The Sufi sound has a positive effect on partnership and relationship, but also on learning and knowledge.

TWILIGHT - autumn - tone sequence E G B C E G B C
Autumn corresponds to the element metal. It is slowly getting darker again outside and nature is turning into natural brown tones. The associated colours are grey, white and other pastel shades as well as the metal colours copper orange and bronze. The cardinal points for this season are the west and northwest. The Twilight sound encourages creativity and the support of helpful people.

BLUE MOON - Winter - Sound sequence D F A B C E A#C
Winter corresponds to the element water. It is dark early and the bright colours have completely disappeared, only a bluish winter light remains. The assigned colours are therefore blue and black. The compass direction for this season is the north. According to Feng Shui, the sound of Blue Moon promotes the career.

Feng Shui and Chimes

Chimes are very popular in Feng Shui. They can be used to direct energies and strengthen areas of life. Each of the 4 Koshis stands for an energy of the elements: fire, earth, water, air. Since these are not always balanced in life, it is good to strengthen or balance the weaker elements. Which energy of an element is needed, you usually feel yourself.

Zaphir chimes also correspond with their sounds to the elements in Feng Shui: Crystalide - spring - wood, Sunray - summer - fire, Sufi - late summer - earth, Twilight - autumn - metal, Blue Moon - winter - water. By taking colour and direction into account, the chimes can unfold their optimal effect. A green Crystalide in the east of the flat, for example, is very good for health and prosperity. A blue Blue Moon in the north of the room strengthens the energy of the career.

Accessories for Koshi and Zaphir 

We have developed exclusive gift packaging for both Chimes. The Koshi chimes can be packed in noble black gift boxes, which pick up the colours of the elements fire, water, earth and air. The white gift boxes for the Zaphir chimes are decorated all around with flowers in the colours of the chimes. This makes them a perfect and high-quality gift or transport. An insert with information about the chimes completes the gift.

We also exclusively offer stands for Zaphir and Koshi - all made of local beech wood. This means that the chimes can be placed wherever you want - regardless of the existing hanging options. For single chimes there are the models Tipi and Pisa, for 3-5 Koshis or Zaphirs the Carousel is the best choice.

Saving money with Sets

If you want to buy more than one Koshi or Zaphir, our inexpensive economy sets are a good choice. There are 2-5 chimes in a set or even together with a stand such as tipi, pisa or the carousel. The composition of the sets can be completely free as desired. Popular are for example the Set of 4 Koshi chimes or the Set of 5 Zaphir chimes.

You would like to offer Koshi or Zaphir as a reseller? Contact us and send us your trade licence.