Lakshmi, Tara & Shiva

Lakshmi, Tara & Shiva


She is the goddess of earth, beauty, happiness and wealth. She is not only the goddess of material happiness, but also of spiritual well-being and abundance. She is the Shakti, the sustaining force of her consort Vishnu.


She embodies the female deity in herself. Her name means both "star" and "savior". In Tibet she is called "Dölma", which simply means mother. She is revered there as the mother of all Buddhas. Her right hand is turned down in the gesture of granting wishes, the left
hand shows the gesture of granting protection.

The Green Tara is worshipped as a protector from all dangers. At all times, day or night, she is ready to protect and help.


Shiva is one of the most important gods of Hinduism. Shiva agrees many opposites within himself: he is benevolent and inauspicious, meditative and ecstatic, a god of the universe and yet a god with a preference for certain earthly sites such as Mount Kailash and the city of Benares.

Shiva is worshipped in many guises, as a great yogi (Mahayogi) who practices asceticism or devotes himself to meditation, as the great Lord of the World or as the Lord of the Dance (Nataraja) who dances ignorance under his feet and destroys everything that is not based on truth and love. The current great purification period of our planet is symbolized by Shiva Nataraja.