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Malas made of gemstones, wood or seeds


A mala is a prayer chain commonly used in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is wrapped around the wrist or worn around the neck. The mala beads are used to count the recited mantras, and manually moving the beads further deepens concentration. Malas are a beautiful meditation accessory and perfect for yoga meditation and popular as jewellery.

108 or 21 mala beads

Mala necklaces come in many varieties, varying in length, size and material. They are made of natural materials such as gemstones, wood or plant seeds and almost always contain 108 beads, hand malas 21 pieces. The beads are usually smoothly polished and glide pleasantly through the hands when meditating. A guru bead with or without a decorative tassel is typical of a mala necklace. 

How to meditate with a mala necklace