Malas made of Wood

Wooden Malas

Wood is a widely available and natural material that also has a calming effect. A classic for malas is sandalwood, whose scent has a balancing and harmonising effect and promotes meditation. Dark and shiny is the rare rosewood, which is often used for mala necklaces. It is often combined with coloured gemstones like turquoise or coral.

Malas made of sandalwood

Mala beads made of sandalwood are popular for mala necklaces. The sandalwood tree is very common and sacred in Asia. It is therefore suitable for malas. The wood contains essential oils that not only smell good and spicy, but also have an antibacterial effect. Because of this property, it is often used as a moth repellent in the wardrobe, for example.

Sandalwood necklaces popular with men

Sandalwood malas appeal especially to men because of their naturalness and simplicity. They can be worn as a bracelet or also as a necklace without attracting too much attention. The colour of sandalwood, which varies between several light natural shades and can also be a little reddish, suits men's taste very well. Our tip: If you like this wood, you can support your meditation very well with sandalwood incense sticks.

Mala necklace made of rosewood

Malas made of rosewood have a long tradition in Asia and this wood is said to have a heart-opening effect. It is very rare and has a beautiful dark colour that contrasts attractively with coloured stones such as coral or turquoise. The polished beads feel good and glide pleasantly through the hands during meditation. The beads of these necklaces are usually dainty and have a small diameter.

Hand mala or necklace

Malas made of wood are available as a bracelet with mostly 21 beads or as a mala necklace with 108 beads. While the hand mala is more decorative, the neck mala is also used for meditation. For this, a mantra or prayer is spoken 108 times for each wooden bead in succession until the guru bead or tassel is reached again. A set of hand and neck mala made of the same woods is also beautiful.

Buy a mala necklace made of wood

You have to pay attention to this: The wooden beads of the necklace should all be the same size so that the mala gives off an even appearance. Different sizes can cause irritation during meditation. Also, all the beads should be smoothly polished so that they feel good and you don't get splinters. Finally, the beads should stay in place and not form gaps over time.

Meditating properly with wooden mala

Choose a mala necklace that you like. Then find a mantra or affirmation that suits you and your intentions. Sit upright in a quiet place, close your eyes and relax. 

  1. Now take the mala necklace in your right hand and hold the first wooden bead between your middle finger and thumb. With each bead of the mala, recite your mantra or affirmation.
  2. Then, with your thumb, draw the next bead onto your middle finger for the next recitation.
  3. When you have recited your mantra 108 times for each bead and have reached the guru bead again, you are finished or start the next round.