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Meditation Benches

Through the many years of experience and publications of the physician Jon Kabat-Zinn, meditation has lost its esoteric touch. It is now highly recognized as an effective means against stress and an important component of many therapies. Especially in the time of increasing pressure on people, the positive effect of regular meditation becomes apparent. It helps to calm down, relax and is recommended for many diseases, such as widespread depression.

What do I need for meditation?

For meditation you only need a place of silence or inner contemplation. This can be outside in the nature, in the yoga class or at home. The regularity with which this exercise is carried out is important. For meditation it is best to adopt a seated posture. Since people in the West are not used to sitting on the ground, a meditation seat can be very helpful for them. In addition to meditation cushions, special meditation benches are particularly suitable.

The advantages of a meditation bench

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